Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet


If you play soccer you might be familiar with the feeling of your soccer cleats not fitting you quite right. Especially if you have a wider foot, most cleats will start to hurt after just a few minutes on the field. This keeps you from focusing on the game and might actually cost your team the victory. One of the biggest annoyances soccer players have is soccer cleats that are too tight. Not only is this bad for your feet, but it also goes at the expense of your cleats life expectancy. A waste of money and feet.

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In this blog you will find the most suitable cleats for wider feet. I made you a top 12. I have personally experienced of all these cleats and have selected them just for you. I too am tired of continually having feet that hurt and cleats that are worn out so soon. Keep on reading and make your choice out of these 12 soccer cleats that are perfect for wider feet.
For starters we looked at the top brands in soccer equipment.
We made a selection out of the following brands: Adidas, Nike, Puma and New Balance.
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adidas wide soccer cleat

Wide soccer cleats Adidas

We begin the selection with Adidas. Check out the chart below for the most suited cleats from Adidas.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial – This soccer cleat is by far the best suited for wider feet. Not too much fuss and excellent wearing comfort with wider feet.
The benefit of this cleat is that over time it adjusts to the shape of the foot.
In addition to that it comes in several leather editions. The kangaroo leather makes for a sublime touch on the field. No more pinching cleats? Adidas Copa Mundial is the solution.
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2. Adidas Kaiser – This soccer cleat looks a lot like the Copa Mundial. It also falls in the line of Adidas Classics. The Kaiser 5 or Kaiser 5 cup is very appropriate for wider feet. The nerf leather (Kaiser 5 liga) or calf leather (Kaiser 5 cup) adjusts very well to the foot. Adidas Classics are often wide. By using good stitching, the cleats usally last a long time.
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3. Adidas Copa 18-19 – This Adidas line is great for a wider foot. It’s the newer version of the Adidas Classics line. You should however, get the kangaroo or calf leather. This makes for a better fit. Leather can stretch out a bit without it tearing. This cleat is the newer version van de Copa Mundial with a sporty look.
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nike wide soccer cleat
Wide soccer cleats Nike

Nike also has a range of great cleats that are perfect for a wider foot. Nike has different lines that suite a wider foot. And once again, leather is the best way to go because it stretches out a little. Nike also has a few synthetic soccer cleats that also fit a wider foot. Let’s see which Nike cleats are most suitable.

1. Nike Tiempo Legend – This Nike line is great for people with wider feet. Especially the Nike Tiempo Legend VI and the VII. These cleats are both made of kangaroo leather and in addition to that come with some new Nike technology gadgets. I played my last soccer season on these cleats and they are not only a perfect fit for my wider feet, but they also look good.
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2. Nike Premier – this line is not one of the latest Nike lines, but is still a perfect match for wider feet. These leather Nike kicks adjust very well to the shape of your foot. The inside of the cleat is made of kangaroo leather and can stretch out a little if needed. The Nike premier doesn’t have to be an expensive cleat. You can have a kangaroo leather soccer cleat for about $100,-.
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3. Nike Tiempo Ligera and the Nike Tiempo Legacy – These two cleats from the Nike Tiempo line are to this day still perfect for playing a whole soccer game without your feet hurting. The leather cleats adjust to the shape of the foot. These cleats are both beautiful and practical, and they are available at decent prices.
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‘’Pinching cleats are dangerous to the nerves in your feet. A good blood flow is necessary to prevent problems. So you should always pick the right cleats!’’

A friend of mine, Jennifer de Wit is a foot specialist (podiatrist). She told me that pinching feet are not only painful, but also dangerous to the nerves in your feet. This can be lead back to bad circulation. Good cleats are essential for comfortable and healthy exercise.
Puma wide soccer cleat

Wide soccer cleats Puma

Puma is a brand that can definitely level with brands like Nike and Adidas. In some areas Puma even scores better than Nike and Adidas. I can safely say that the following three Puma wide feet soccer cleats are very comfortable to play on. Let’s see that top three.

1. Puma evoPOWER – The evoPOWER Puma line is well equipped for wider feet. These fast, beautiful and practical cleats are made with special foam and are the only synthetic cleats to end up at a top 1 position. These cleats are for sure a great choice for a wider foot.
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2. Puma King (Classico) – The Puma king came in second place, but might as well be put in a shared first place. With it’s wide sole and leather shape it’s very suited for man and women with wider feet. The beauty of this cleat is in it’s simplicity, just like with the Mundial. This cleat is a great cleat that keeps proving it’s quality and durability.
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3. Puma One / Puma Liga – These two Puma cleats are perfect for people who are blessed with a bit wider feet at the end of their legs. The Puma one 17 editions are wonderful cleats that are very comfortable to wear. With the One Lux and the One Chrome, the One Collection made an extra unique cleat, that is once again perfect for a wider foot. The Puma Liga is a true classic and is unfortunately not that easy to find anymore. This edition is seen as the forerunner of the Puma King.
Puma One:
Cleat with sale price
Puma Liga:
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nike wide soccer cleat

Wider soccer cleats New Balance

New Balance is a pretty new brand to the soccer world. These cleats often come with the newest technology. This brand also has one cleat that stands out from the rest.
1. New Balance Visaro 2.0 – This New Balance edition is suited for a wider foot, it is also suited for a foot with a wider instep. We do recommend the leather editions over the synthetic ones, although the synthetic ones don’t do a bad job on the field.
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2. The New Balance Furon 3.0 – is a unexpected football cleat. At least, no one would expect this cleat tob e one of the best foorball boots for people with wider feet. The Furon is a accomodating boot and fits perfectly. Because this cleat fits perfeclty on your feet, you will be able to give the perfect pass, get a great control of the ball and shoot on goal easily. The New Balance Furon 3.0 cleat is designed for football players that wants to use there skills on the pitch. It’s designes for players that wants to attack the defence and score goals. This football cleat is specially made for players with wider feet than usual, but still want to get the full football experience.
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3. New Balance MiUK – One of the best cleats to choose when you have wider feet, are the ‘New Balance Made in Uk’. New balance is a upcoming brand in the world of football, and are becoming much more popular every season. The New Balance MiUK football cleat are known as one of the best comfort cleats. This is because these cleats have a wider fit than the cleats of other brands. The secret of the MiUk cleat is the material. These cleats are made of kangaroo leather and calf leather. And that’s why the cleats are much more flexible than cleats that are not made from this material. The quilted tongue and removable padded insole provide unsurpassed comfort. The silver ‘Made in England’ emblem and Union Jack give the cleat an exclusive look.
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umbro wide soccer cleat

Wide soccer cleats Umbro

Umbro is a less popular brand than the brands we discussed before. But with years of experience Umbro has proven time and time again that they can produce good cleats for a decent price. Simplicity and quality are what describes Umbro best. Let’s hurry on to the top 2 Umbro cleats for wider feet.

1. Umbro Speciali – This Umbro edition consist of a couple of good quality cleats. Kangaroo leather is one of the examples of this. These cleats can be your faithful partner on the field for many years
Cleat with sale price

2. Umbro Medusae – This Umbro edition consists of premier, pro and club versions. This cleats are made of a variety of calf leather and kangaroo leather and work great on the field. Although you won’t steal the show with these cleats, they are perfect for a wider foot.
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Thank you very much for reading! I hope this helps. If you have any other tips on cleats for a wider foot, please let us know in the comments. I will keep this article up to date. I also read all of your comments and will try to respond to them within a day.