3 Best New Balance wide soccer cleats

Are you looking for a fantastic football boot? Here is a top 3 of New Balance!

new balance wide soccer cleat
Many great sport brands are developing football cleats fort he small feet of our best football players. They make cleats for Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. But what if you haven’t got small feet? It is difficult for other football players to get a cleat that fits perfectly. Every footballplayer wants to shoot the ball like Mbappe does, every player wants to pass like Xavi.

Wide feet are coming in different types and sizes. One person may have much wider toes than the other person. Some peoples middle foot is wider and others are having flat feet. In this article we will help you to find the perfect cleat for your feet. It is important to know of what material the cleats are made of. People with wider feet as comparing to the world star football players, need cleats that are made of other material like kangaroo leather or calf leather. And that’s because those two materials are much more flexible than synthetic football cleats. If you want to have the perfect football cleat for your wider feet, you must keep reading this! We made a top three of New Balance football boots for you!

#1: New Balance Furon 3.0

The New Balance Furon 3.0 is a unexpected football cleat. At least, no one would expect this cleat tob e one of the best foorball boots for people with wider feet. The Furon is a accomodating boot and fits perfectly. Because this cleat fits perfeclty on your feet, you will be able to give the perfect pass, get a great control of the ball and shoot on goal easily. The New Balance Furon 3.0 cleat is designed for football players that wants to use there skills on the pitch. It’s designes for players that wants to attack the defence and score goals. This football cleat is specially made for players with wider feet than usual, but still want to get the full football experience.
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#2: New Balance Visaro 2.0

The New Balnce Visaro 2.0 cleat is single layer and has a close-fitting. It’s a very comfortable football cleat. This cleat is developed after studying and analysing special data and the unique Hexaprene control and the strikes zones are the results of that. Beside those two features, the cleat also has control zones. The control zones will give you as much controll of the ball as possible. There is no way that the ball will bounce of your foot when you want to cotrol a pass from your teammates. Your first ball contact will be superb. On the control zones you will find a special micro structure which provides more friction and a better controll of the ball. But there is more. They also made strike zones. These zones will improve your passing skills, for short and long passes because they combine precision and power. The New Balance Visaro 2.0 is one of the best football cleats to choose if you want a cleat that fits perfectly and will help you to play a fantastic match on the pitch.
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#3: New Balance MiUK

One of the best cleats to choose when you have wider feet, are the ‘New Balance Made in Uk’. New balance is a upcoming brand in the world of football, and are becoming much more popular every season. The New Balance MiUK football cleat are known as one of the best comfort cleats. This is because these cleats have a wider fit than the cleats of other brands. The secret of the MiUk cleat is the material. These cleats are made of kangaroo leather and calf leather. And that’s why the cleats are much more flexible than cleats that are not made from this material. The quilted tongue and removable padded insole provide unsurpassed comfort. The silver ‘Made in England’ emblem and Union Jack give the cleat an exclusive look!
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